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Junior Safety

Junior Safety is a simple, centralized system that enhances children’s safety during day care and related commuting. This electronic service is a centralized information channel intended for family and care facility use and communications between the two.

How the system functions

Junior Safety helps to monitor children as they commute to and from day care. The system improves children’s safety because it helps to monitor, for example, that the children do not leave their day care center without an agreed guardian. At the same time, Junior Safety is a cost-effective solution for monitoring the working hours of day care center staff, recording children’s day care hours and invoicing based on attendance.




 Real-time attendance data

Junior Safety can identify and locate a child, producing real-time attendance information for the parties responsible for the child. The system improves information flow between the child’s guardians and the day care center staff and enhances safety by providing handy information concerning day care pick-up.

 Direct invoicing of care hours

Junior Safety can also be used to monitor nurses’ working hours and for attendance-based invoicing. Care hours can be directly submitted to financial management and payroll. A reliable, tested system makes for an accurate and up-to-date tool.

 Diverse adaptability

The easy-to-use Junior Safety can also be connected with external systems. Numerous day care centers and municipal administration units can be connected to one complex. A centralized solution with diverse reporting options makes plenty of paper work redundant and eliminates unnecessary intermediaries.

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