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Senior Safety

Senior Safety, designed for serviced residences, is the first solution package to offer different monitoring and alarm systems as well as a nurse call function in one easy-to-use system. The system manages most of the routine work, leaving the nurses more time for caring for the residents.

Senior Safety is a humane, reliable and cost-effective overall solution intended to promote safe living in serviced residences as well as occupational well-being.


How the system functions

The system comprises numerous functions which have been traditionally controlled separately. Video monitoring, a nurse call function, access control, a fire alarm and property automation are linked to one interface, which provides the right people with all the required information in a centralized location. After installation, this cost-efficient system is inexpensive and durable, generating permanent savings in different cost categories.




 Automatic monitoring

Our integrated system monitors residents in an unobtrusive manner. The care system can be customized according to each apartment so that the resident does not need to feel constantly monitored. The resident is not required to use any technology or equipment.


Competent personnel is always available, because nurse calls and automatic alarms can alert help even when the patient is unconscious. This adds to a sense of safety that increases the customer’s well-being.

 Care work arrangements

The automatic nurse call function submits detailed information to the right people without delay, significantly reducing unnecessary running about. The spared time can be used for actual care work and active interaction with the residents.

 Job satisfaction

Allocating more time for care work improves the overall level of care, making residents and their loved ones happier. Successful care experiences make work more fun and improve occupational wellbeing. Seamless communications enhance cooperation between colleagues, allowing the staff to plan daily work more freely.


The system is a one-off investment with very low annual operating costs. No license payments are charged for the use of the technology. The package can also be implemented in the form of subsystems so as to add more functions as necessary. The saved time permanently cuts costs and increases the work efficiency of the staff.


The system documents all daily and weekly events. The system makes it effortless to prepare reports for supervisory authorities and other external parties, because the required information, such as recorded care measures, can be directly reported. Moreover, the system can be used to analyze the reasons for and to prevent any accidents and errors.

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