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School Safety

School Safety is a simple, centralized and comprehensive safety system that ensures a safe learning and work environment for pupils and staff. The system can be expanded with different monitoring and safety systems, including access control and staff working hours monitoring as well as diverse reporting options. The system consists of tested, reliable Finnish technology that contributes to cost-effective safety and peaceful learning environments.


How the system functions

School Safety records each pupil’s arrival and departure at the educational institution. In hazardous situations, it enables quick and effective information distribution and evacuation. In dangerous situations, the prevention and alarm system serves to make educational institutions safer than ever before. Crime and video surveillance as well as access control make educational institutions safe at all times. For example, effective monitoring allows for an instant fire alarm in case of fire.

School Safety makes it easy to locate pupils and, for example, confirm their presence in class. Owing to its diverse adaptability, the system can be linked with real time access control, so that staff working hours can be directly and effortlessly reported to financial management and payroll.




The system is a one-off investment with very low annual operating costs. No license payments are charged for the use of the technology. The package can also be implemented in the form of subsystems so as to add more functions as necessary. The saved time permanently cuts costs and increases the work efficiency of the staff.

 Smart communications

The system includes a smart, interactive communication solution and diverse reporting options. School Safety makes it effortless to prepare reports for supervisory authorities and other external parties, because the required information, such as access data, can be directly submitted. Moreover, the information documented in the system can be used to analyze the reasons for and to prevent any accidents and errors.

 Smart alarms

We provide quiet, proactive alarms, crime and video surveillance and access control to help nip safety hazards in the bud. The automatic evacuation instructions from an effective announcement system allow fast evacuation in hazardous situations.

 Easy-to-use and complete with instructions

Together with our customers, we have developed technologies that are optimally easy to use. Thanks to the centralized solution, the system is simple and quick to use.

 Pupil identification

Attendance information is recorded in real time. Staff salary information can be directly transferred to an external system. In hazardous situations, pupils and staff can be easily located and evacuated.

 An adaptable system

School Safety can comfortably and easily be linked with external systems and different expansions, including even systems that cover an entire educational institution.

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