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Working hours management

In order to reduce the increasingly prevalent black economy, new legislation has been imposed at the initiative of the Finnish Tax Administration concerning the duty to report contracts and workers. The provisions apply to all construction contracts which require a construction permit. While practices are being harmonized, the authorities also aim to supervise compliance with legislation in real time.

Seniortek has developed an employee working hours recording system for the purpose of complying with the new legislation in the construction industry. The system submits builder notifications to the tax authorities and updates employee records. This system also provides the commissioner of the construction service with up-to-date information on the actual working hours.

How the system functions

The system records employees’ shifts, working hours, attendance and meal breaks as well as any absences electronically and in real time. The construction site has a monitoring terminal and employees can sign in using a personal identifier or a smartphone. The working hours management system processes the recorded information. It also includes company and human resources databases. This allows the employer to submit all site-specific employee information to the tax authorities quickly, effortlessly and internally on a monthly basis. No time or other resources are wasted on collecting and processing information.



 Real-time reporting

Construction site information is collected entirely in real time, allowing the employer constant access to completed working hours. Employee attendance information can be transferred to payroll directly and effortlessly.

 Easy-to-use and complete with instructions

Together with our customers, we have developed technologies that are optimally easy to use. Thanks to the centralized solution, the system is simple and quick to use.


The system is a one-off investment with very low annual operating costs. No license payments are charged for the use of the technology. The package can also be implemented in the form of subsystems so as to add more functions as necessary. The saved time permanently cuts costs and increases the work efficiency of the staff.

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