E-Tilat is Seniortek Oy’s space reservation system that combines real-time space booking and access control.

With our space reservation system, you maximize the utilization of spaces and provide security for users and residents.

Benefits of e-Spaces

check Goodbye to unnecessary keys
check No need for wiring or modifications to doors
check Easy access with a sensor or smartphone
check Simple and controlled rights management
check All door openings are logged
check Real-time and modern booking system
check Responsive and customizable for all mobile devices
check Automated booking process
check Opportunity for additional service sales during booking


Safest, Most Cost-Effective, and Smartest Access Control System in Finland. For more information, call +358 (0)45 773 11950 or email sales@seniortek.fi

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This is how the e-Spaces room reservation system works:




Room Reservation

The customer reserves spaces and additional services through the e-Spaces space reservation system.



Instructions via email

Booking confirmation and instructions for opening the space will be sent to the customer’s email.



Door Opening

The customer arrives at the reserved space and unlocks the door using the mobile application.



Test the demo version of the service from this link seniortek.demo.asio.fi

Username: seniortekdemo | Password: 1


Modern Time Access Control

Seniortek’s e-Spaces provides a modern and wireless alternative for access control and security. With e-Spaces, you can cost-effectively integrate indoor and outdoor doors into a new access control system – without the need for extensive cabling.


e-Spaces offers an easy and flexible way to manage door access. It provides security for users and residents while delivering significant cost savings for various service providers. Best of all, you can bid farewell to unnecessary keychains and door re-keying. The installation can also be seamlessly integrated into other access control systems and operates on batteries lasting several years.


Seniortek’s highly secure technology offers a solution tailored to your specific needs. In the past, when a key was lost, the costs in terms of time and money were significant. Through the real-time access control system of e-Spaces, you can easily modify or revoke access rights as needs change.


In exceptional situations, doors can be opened from the control center around the clock.




  Maximizing Space Utilization

Real-Time System Accounts for Cancellations and is Up-to-Date 24/7 – Everything is Achievable Without the Need for Customer Service Staff



  Convenient and Quick Installation

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor door, Seniortek’s e-Spaces is easy to install and doesn’t require wiring or modifications to the doors.



  Enhance the Security of Spaces

Operation takes place in a secure network, behind user credentials, ensuring that the door user can always be identified.


  Upselling During the Reservation

Opportunity for upselling additional products and services during the reservation, such as coffee services for meeting rooms or refreshments for sauna facilities.



  Flexible and fast payment

The payment transaction can also be integrated into the BookIT system, allowing for immediate payment for the service.



  Versatile use cases

e-Tilat caters to the needs of home care, service homes, landlords, meeting spaces, as well as Airbnb and fitness centers.


For various purposes: service homes, landlords, the elderly, meeting spaces, and fitness centers.



User-friendly reservation system

e-Tilat also enables an easy-to-use space reservation system. In Seniortek’s reservation service, real-time space booking, payment processing, access control, and additional service sales are combined.


e-Tilat’s space reservation system is unique in Finland. Integrated with access control and monitoring, the system maximizes space bookings and automates the reservation process, all without the need for customer service intervention. Thanks to the mobile application, reservations can be made around the clock, and access to the space is granted with a digital key.


In connection with the reservation service, there is also an opportunity to sell additional products and services. For example, catering for meetings or equipment rentals for sports halls can be easily arranged. Comprehensive, user-friendly, and fast, e-Tilat ensures customer satisfaction.

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Reserve the facilities for your use.

Recreational Facilities

Sauna Section

Located in the heart of Rovaniemi, on the “roof” of Sampokeskus, is a spacious (165 m2) and impressive sauna/meeting space. The facilities are ideal for a maximum of approximately 25 people.

The hourly rate is €10 per space.



Meeting Room 3

A modern meeting and conference room in the center of Rovaniemi. This elegant space accommodates a total of 50 people.

The hourly rate is €10 per space.


Visitor Meeting Room

A modern meeting and conference room in the center of Rovaniemi. This elegant space accommodates a total of 50 people.

The hourly rate is €10 per space.