Seniortek has been granted patents in several countries all over the world. The high number of patent applications in the field of safety technology is a proof of the creativity and innovational spirit among our professionals. Patents reward years of research and protect innovations, helping us reach new international markets.


Patents in Finland

  • FI126359,The control system and method 31.10.2016
  • FI123909 The control system and method, 13.12.2013
  • FI123399 The control system and method, 28.3.2013
  • FI117991 The control system and method, 15.5.2007

International patents

  • US9,311,808 
  • JP5506195 
  • US8,026,820 
  • CA2869348  
  • DK2834796  
  • CN104854634   
  • WO02016189202   
  • EP2929517   
  • EP2834796  
  • EP1960978   
  • JP6067836