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  • Smart Flower Stand

    Smart Flower Stand (“Kukkatolppa”) is an inexpensive and inconspicuous monitoring solution that enables safe living at home at different stages of...

  • Senior Safety

    Senior Safety is the first solution to offer different monitoring and alarm systems as well as a nurse call function in
    one easy-to-use system.

  • Junior Safety

    Junior Safety is a simple, centralized system that enhances children’s safety during day care and related commuting.

  • Working hours management

    Our working hours management system helps to submit builder notifications to the tax authorities and update employee records.

  • Tracking Safety

    Our Tracking Safety locating system helps the elderly, the mentally disabled and the visually impaired to maintain their freedom of movement without c...

  • School Safety

    School Safety, intended for use at educational institutions, is a simple and comprehensive safety system that ensures a safe learning and work environ...