The FireProtect smoke alarm detects smoke and sudden temperature increases with an optical sensor, providing effective protection.

The responsibility for the maintenance and functionality of smoke alarms was transferred from the resident to the building owner starting from January 1, 2024. In the future, the maintenance responsibility for smoke alarms in residential units lies with the housing association instead of the resident. Explore the smart smoke alarm and its additional features!

Efficient, easy setup, and versatile operation as part of the Ajax system or as a standalone device.


The FireProtect smoke alarm detects smoke with an optical sensor and sudden temperature increases. Consequently, it can respond to fires that do not produce significant smoke. It is also equipped with a built-in siren.

FireProtect operates as part of the Ajax system or can be used as a standalone smoke alarm without a central unit.

Easy to set up with pre-installed batteries and a convenient SmartBracket mounting base. It also measures indoor temperature, which can be monitored remotely.


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The wireless system is easy to install


Additional devices provide extra security based on residents’ needs


The smoke alarm features a siren, and the alarm can be linked to other alarms in the house. Additionally, the alarm can be sent to a mobile device


The device immediately notifies if it is removed or experiences a malfunction


Available maintenance and service contract, transferring the responsibility for device upkeep to Seniortek


Additional devices provide extra security according to the residents’ needs

Ajax Central Hub

Ajax Hub 2 Plus is the intelligent center of the system. It can be operated through a mobile device or the SpaceControl remote. Ajax Hub 2 Plus connects to the Internet via wireless WiFi, wired Ethernet, or 4G LTE data connection. The hub’s backup power allows for 15 hours of operation during power outages.


The hub can connect up to 200 devices. It regularly checks the status of sensors through a two-way connection, providing immediate notifications for damaged, malfunctioning, or removed sensors. Ajax also supports easy integration of camera surveillance into the same system and app.


Ajax Hub 2 Plus supports 64 programmable operational modes that can be activated as needed. You can easily switch to a night mode, where the hub can turn off all lights, activate door sensors, and outdoor motion detectors. You can sleep peacefully through the night.


LeaksProtect water leak detector

The LeaksProtect water leak detector is extremely compact and easily deployable moisture sensor. It can be placed anywhere there is a risk of leaks and water damage. The design of the water detector is entirely symmetrical, so if water leaks from any direction, the alarm is triggered immediately. In properties equipped with an anti-flood system, Ajax can automatically shut off the water in case of a leak. Once the leak is resolved, and the device dries, it also sends a notification. Up to 200 water detectors can be connected to the system, each customizable with a unique name, ensuring you always know exactly where the issue is.


Additional security features can be integrated into the central unit:

Burglar alarm

Surveillance camera

Air quality sensor

Door sensor

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Every property is unique, so these can be customized according to the specific needs of each location. Contact us, and we'll be happy to provide more information.