SenioriTurva Iisi™ is Seniortek Oy’s cost-effective wireless nurse call and personal safety solution for assisted living.

Our Senioriturva solution is already in use, providing safety for over 6000 care residents across Finland.

Hymyilevä hoitaja ja tarjous ilmaisesta nykytila kartoituksesta

Benefits of Senioriturva Iisi

Senioriturva Iisi is a personal safety system developed for special housing services, benefiting both residents and staff. With the wireless Iisi nurse call, residents can immediately summon assistance.

The system can also include monitoring of the resident’s activities, allowing scheduled tracking of getting out of bed and leaving the room.

The personal safety call of Iisi provides security for the caregiver. The alert can be directed to an external entity, such as a security company.


Security and alarm services can be expanded with additional features. The alarm system is suitable wherever wireless personal safety is needed to enhance the safety of residents and healthcare staff.


And all of this works wirelessly without sensors: no alarms or bracelets.

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Easy implementation

SenioriTurva Iisi installation requires no cabling or structural changes in your facility. No separate devices or applications are needed for implementation.


Allocation of personnel resources

With the information obtained through SenioriTurva, you can plan the allocation of personnel resources cost-effectively.


Efficient use of time

Your healthcare staff won’t need to unnecessarily visit residents to check on their status.


Improved rotation cycle

The night nurse’s rotation cycle can be better planned based on the sleep data available from the system.


Safe for everyone

The system can be connected to a staff assault button, and SenioriTurva Iisi can be integrated into existing systems.


Support nearby

System maintenance is conducted remotely, and product support is available on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

How does SenioriTurva Iisi work?

SenioriTurva Iisi is a safety product developed by the Finnish company Seniortek Oy for private care and service homes. We have delivered similar solutions for the safety of over 6000 residents throughout Finland.


Our patented solution operates discreetly through wireless sensors installed in the room. The system continuously registers all movements, getting out of bed, and leaving the room by the resident. Alarm limits are adjusted according to the resident’s needs and condition.


SenioriTurva Iisi also helps anticipate future changes in care load with the information provided by the system. It is easy to extract resident-specific information from the system, such as an increase in bathroom visits and changes in the daily rhythm.


Bathroom visits doubled? The resident sleeps only a couple of hours at night?

Iloinen vanhus ja hoitaja

Kustannus säästöt 823€/asukas/vuosi

Costs and payback

According to a study conducted by VTT, SenioriTurva™ produces a cost benefit of 823 euros per resident per year.


For service and care homes, the costs of SenioriTurva Iisi™ start from 32.20 euros per resident per month. (Cost calculated based on a two-year service and maintenance agreement, minimum 8 residents’ unit. Excludes travel, accommodation, and mileage expenses.)


Let’s improve assisted living together

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